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Royal Transmission of Dearborn provides many quality auto repair services.

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Transmission Repair

Royal Transmission of Dearborn specializes in automatic and manual transmission repair. For over 30 years, we have been providing our customers with affordable transmission repairs. If its a small transmission repair such as a leak or transmission sensor calibration to a complete transmission overhaul, you can count on Royal Transmission of Dearborn for quality car repair.

Transfer Case Repair

Transfer Case Repair

Royal Transmission of Dearborn services all 4X4 and All Wheel Drive Transfer Cases. Royal Transmission specializes in BMW XDrive Repair along with Mercedes Benz 4Matic. Many transfer case repairs require a simple adjustment and calibration of the chain. Transfer Cases control the 4 Wheel Drive mechanism on your sports utility vehicle or truck.

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Rear Axle (Differential) Repair

Royal Transmission of Dearborn performs all repair services and maintenance for your rear axle and differential. Our trusted mechanics will ensure that your rear axle and differential is properly transferring power from your vehicle's driveshaft to the rear wheels. Royal Transmission of Dearborn can fix all types of rear axle and differential problems. From a small axle leak, to a complete rebuild of the rear differential ring and pinion gears, you can trust Royal Transmission of Dearborn with your truck or S.U.V. Many of the repairs we see at our shop are minor lubrication problems with the rear axle and differential. These are usually fixed within a few hours. If you hear a noise coming from the rear of your vehicle especially when making a turn, or when driving at highway speeds, bring your vehicle to Royal Transmission of Dearborn for a free rear axle and differential check up.

Driveshaft repair services in dearborn michigan

Driveline Repair (Driveshaft)

Driveline Repair services at Royal Transmission of Dearborn include Universal Joins (U-Joints), Driveshafts, Propeller Shafts (Prop Shafts), Flywheel, Gearbox, Constant Velocity Joints (CV Joint Axle), and all other components of the Drivetrain. Although these are minor repairs, they are a crucial repair for any well maintained vehicle. Royal Transmission of Dearborn specializes in Rear Main Seal Leak Repair for your engine crankshaft. Royal Transmission of Dearborn is qualified to perform this service since it typically involves removing your transmission from the car. Royal Transmission of Dearborn also offers driveshaft support bearing repair including mid shaft bearing.

Transmission rebuilding services in dearborn michigan

Transmission Rebuilding

Royal Transmission Service of Dearborn Michigan specializes in automatic and manual (stick-shift) transmission rebuilding. Royal Transmission has been rebuilding automatic transmissions for over 30 years. Royal Transmission has the experience to offer rebuilt transmissions for a fraction of the cost of the dealer. Royal Transmission's transmission technicians are all ASE certified and state licensed. With many of todays transmissions readily available and on the shelf, you can count on Royal Transmissions to have your transmission in stock and available for same day purchase.

Front Axle Differential Repair Services near Dearborn Michigan

Front Axle (Differential) Repair

Royal Transmission Service of Dearborn Michigan offers Front CV Joint Axle Repair and Service. Constant Velocity Joint Front Wheel Drive Axles spline into the automatic transmission and Royal Transmission of Dearborn services all makes and models. Worn or broken axles should be fixed right away in order to prevent damage to the transmission. If you experience a clicking noise when making a turn, stop into Royal Transmission of Dearborn for a free road test and hoist check. Royal Transmission of Dearborn also works on the front differential assembly. Common problems with today's front differentials are a whining noise coming from the front of the vehicle caused by the differential gears. This is a simple fix, in most cases the Gear oil needs to be changed. Stop by Royal Transmission of Dearborn to have your fluid levels checked at no charge.

Transmission Repairs

Royal Transmission Service of Dearborn Michigan is widely known for its various automatic transmission repair services that will save you money. Our affordable transmission repairs and services can extend the life of your transmission.

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Transmission Leak Repair

The automatic transmission can leak from numerous areas for various reasons. Transmission Oil pans can rust or get damaged from running something over, resulting in transmission fluid leaking out of the transmission. Transmission fluid is required for the proper lubrication of the transmission. Royal Transmission of Dearborn can fix any transmission leak. If you notice drops of fluid in your driveway, bring your car in to Royal Transmission of Dearborn for a free hoist check.

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Transmission Fluid Check

Being low on automatic transmission fluid is bad for your vehicle's transmission. Royal Transmission of Dearborn will check your transmission fluid levels free of charge. Our technicians will also test your vehicle's transmission fluid for debris and metal shavings to determine the proper functioning of your transmission. Royal Transmission of Dearborn can also check to see if your transmission fluid is burnt or old and determine if it needs to be changed in order to properly lubricate the transmission gears.

Transmission sensor and solenoid calibration near detroit michigan

Transmission Sensor Calibration

Most automatic transmissions are electronically and computer controlled by the powertrain control module. The powertrain control module (Engine Brain Box) tells the transmission shift solenoids and speed sensors when to shift gears. The trained transmission technicians at Royal Transmission of Dearborn can check if your transmission shift solenoids and transmission speed sensors are calibrated to sync with the transmission control module. Bring your car or truck to our shop for a free comprehensive computer diagnostic scan of your automatic transmission.

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Transmission Service Light

Many cars today have a transmission service indicator on the dashboard similar to the check engine light. Many times this could mean that your transmission is overheating due to it being low on automatic transmission fluid. If the transmission service indicator light flashes on your dashboard or the transmission malfunction light shines, bring your car into Royal transmission of dearborn for a free check up.

Check engine light for your automatic transmission repair services near dearborn michigan

Check Engine Light

A check engine light means you should take your car to a repair facility to get it checked out by a professional mechanic. Most of the time, the check engine light indicates a minor problem with your vehicle such as a defective O2 sensor. In some cases, a transmission problem such as slipping or harsh shifts can cause the check engine light to turn on. If your check engine light comes on, bring your car to Royal Transmission of Dearborn to have your car checked out.

Stick shift and manual transmission clutch repair services near detroit michigan

Transmission Clutch Repair

Royal Transmission of Dearborn repairs manual (stick-shift) transmission clutches and gears. Manual transmission Clutch assemblies wear from time to time and need to be changed if you are having trouble staying in one gear or shifting into another gear. Royal Transmission of Dearborn also works on slave cylinders and master cylinders. If it feels hard to shift the transmission clutch from one gear to the next, bring your car into vehicle to Royal Transmission of Dearborn.

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Keep Your Transmission Cooled

on Mar 23, 2017 24 Likes

Too much heat is the number one cause of automatic transmission failure. An overheating automatic transmission can cause your transmission to have harsh shifts and your vehicle will slam into gear. There are many preventative measures that you can take to prevent future transmission problems. Always make sure your automatic transmission fluid levels are not too low. Royal Transmission of Dearborn will gladly inspect your transmission fluid levels at no charge. Royal Transmission of Dearborn also installs external automatic transmission coolers that can improve heat dissipation by bypassing the radiator. This transmission service is recommended for all work trucks such as snow plow trucks, landscaping trucks that tow lawn equipment, work vans, or trucks that tow trailers.

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Transfer Case Not Shifting

on Mar 29, 2017 36 Likes

Many of the vehicle's we drive today are equipped with a transfer case to handle 4 wheel drive (4X4) or all wheel drive. BMW has Xdrive and Mercedes Benz has 4Matic. Pickup Trucks and Sports Utility Vehicles have a transfer case attached to the transmission. The transfer case transfers power from the transmission to the axles to allow all 4 wheels to move at the same time. Transfer cases and all wheel drive units sometimes start to make noise when the pinion gears and input shafts start to wear. In some cases the gear oil needs to be changed or the driveshaft seal starts to leak. Royal Transmission of Dearborn services all transfer case makes and models. Bring your car or truck in for a transfer case check up at Royal Transmission Service of Dearborn Michigan.

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Rear Axle Differential Noise

on Mar 21, 2017 17 Likes

Is your Truck or S.U.V. making noise in the back? If it is, it may be coming from your rear axle (differential). The rear axle differential assembly transmits power from the driveshaft to the rear axles. The Rear Differential is housed in a chamber made up of a ring and pinion gear. Sometimes the ring and pinion gears lack adequate lubrication and can start to deteriorate resulting in a grinding noise at the rear of the vehicle. Royal Transmission Service of Dearborn Michigan services truck rear axle differentials. Royal Transmission rebuilds rear axle differential assemblies with new bearings and seals installed. Call today to schedule a road test for your truck's rear differential.

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