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Transmission Repairs

An overview of the transmission repair procedure at Royal Transmissions of Dearborn Michigan

Transmission Problems

As time goes on, due to various reasons including normal wear and tear, hitting an object while driving, carrying too much load, or too much heat or clogged transmission cooler lines, transmission problems can arise in your vehicle. These transmission problems can manifest in many ways such as developing a transmission fluid leak, car not shifting properly, completely losing a gear such as overdrive, forward, or reverse, to car won't start. As soon as these problems first spring up, you should bring your car to a trusted transmission mechanic shop such as Royal Transmission of Dearborn.

Local detroit michigan automotive transmission shop picture Royal Transmissions of Dearborn Michigan(313) 846-6500 offers a variety of services in Michigan, including
  • Transmission Repair Local Transmission Repair picture
    • Transmission Fluid Leak Repair transmission fluid leak repair and service in Dearborn michigan
    • Transmission Shift Issue Repair
    • Transmission Hard Shift Repairs

Transmission Road Test

After bringing in your car or truck to Royal Transmissions of Dearborn for a check up of Transmission problems, our trained transmission technicians will drive your car on the road to try and simulate the transmission problems you experienced. Our Transmission mechanics are adept at recognizing transmission problems by driving your car and checking the instrument panel on your dashboard such as the tachometer gauge, speedometer, and temperature gauge. Our transmission mechanics will also look to see if any service warning lights light up on the dashboard. A check engine light may indicate transmission related service and maintenance should be performed on your vehicle. During the road test, our transmission mechanics will check to see if your transmission is slipping into gear and if the transmission is shifting and engaging properly. Our Transmission mechanics are trained to listen for noises coming from the transmission such as grinding gears, bangs, clunks, or transmission whining noise while your car is being driven. Our transmission mechanics will also check to see if their is a vibration that needs to be resolved.

local transmission shop serving dearborn michigan Royal Transmissions of Dearborn Michigan offers a variety of services in Michigan, including
  • Transmission Slipping Repair automatic transmission slipping repair in detroit michigan
    • Transmission not shifting properly Repair
    • Transmission Gear Repair
    • Transmission Clunk Noise Repair
  • Transmission Banging noise Repair

Transmission Diagnostic Scan

After performing a road test, our transmission mechanics at Royal Transmissions of Dearborn will hook your car up to our state of the art transmission scanner. The transmission scanner will print out a list of transmission trouble codes if any are found. Our latest design transmission scanner connects to your cars on board diagnostic port on your vehicle and will give our transmission technicians information about how your car's transmission is shifting. The on board diagnostic scan tool will alert our mechanics about any transmission problems you may have. The on board diagnostic transmission scanner will also help us in diagnosing your transmission problem by allowing us to clear the transmission problem codes and try to see when they come on again during another road test. The transmission diagnostic scan tool will also tell us if your transmission electrical components are working properly and relaying information signals to the transmission control module and powertrain control module (Engine brain box). The on board transmission diagnostic scan will check for bad transmission shift solenoids and transmission speed sensors. Our transmission mechanics will then check the car's electrical wiring for shorts, bad fuses, corrosion in the wiring, and other problems that can cause transmission shift problems such as a bad 02 sensor, or camshaft positioning sensor.

transmission shop picture near me Royal Transmissions of Dearborn Michigan offers a variety of services in Michigan, including
  • Transmission Scan for trouble codes repair Automatic transmission diagnostic scan for transmission problems
    • Transmission Sensor Repair
    • Transmission Solenoid Repair
    • Transmission Wiring Repair
  • Transmission Control Module Repair

Transmission Hoist Check

Royal Transmissions of Dearborn provides free transmission fluid level check. Our trained transmission technicians will check your vehicle's transmission fluid level, color, viscosity, and content to make sure your car is properly filled. Low transmission fluid levels can lead to various transmission related problems down the road for you such as transmission overheating, transmission not shifting correctly, hard transmission shifts, harsh transmission engagement, transmission component failure due to inadequate lubrication, and so forth. In addition our transmission technicians will check the content of your transmission fluid for metal shavings, debris, coolant (anti-freeze) contamination, or water damage. Our transmission mechanics will gladly check your transmission fluid color and odor to make sure it is properly lubricating your transmission gears and components. Royal Transmissions of Dearborn will check your transmission cooler lines and case fittings to make sure they are properly transporting the automatic transmission fluid to the radiator and back to the transmission for cooling down the temperature of your automatic transmission. We can let you know if your radiator is performing at optimal range and cooling down your transmission temperature and we will check or replace your radiator cooler fittings. We can also make sure your radiator is not spewing anti-freeze into your transmission where it does not belong and can lead to transmission damage. The radiator can also cause unwanted water to enter your transmission and mess up the chemical component of the rubber seals and alter your transmission fluid chemical properties. Royal Transmissions of Dearborn will then visually inspect the undercarriage of your vehicle on the hoist for transmission fluid leaks, rusted transmission oil pans, broken transmission mounts, damage to the transmission housing (case), universal joint integrity check, transmission rear seal leak, transmission front seal leaks, transmission case connector leaks, torque converter leaks. We may elect to remove the transmission oil pan and check the pan for metal shavings and debris or a clogged transmission filter or leaking transmission pan gasket. Once the transmission oil pan is removed, our mechanics can visually inspect the integrity of your transmission's valvebody for damage.

full service transmission repair shop in dearborn michigan Royal Transmissions of Dearborn Michigan offers a variety of services in Michigan, including
  • Transmission Fluid repair
    • Transmission oil pan Repair
    • Transmission oil pan gasket Repair
    • Transmission front seal leak Repair affordable Automotive transmission front seal leak repair and service in metro detroit
    • Transmission rear seal leak Repair
    • Transmission axle seal leak Repair
    • Transmission bushing leak Repair
    • Transmission case connector leak Repair
    • Transmission mount Repair
    • Transmission Torque Converter leak Repair
    • Transmission Dipstick & Filler Tube Repair
    • Transmission housing leak Repair
    • Driveshaft Universal Joint Repair
    • Manual Transmission Clutch Repair
    • Transmission Flywheel Repair
    • Transmission water damage Repair
    • Transmission cooler line leak Repair
    • Transmission cooler line fitting leak Repair
    • Transmission anti-freeze (coolant contamination) Repair

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